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Tribe Callopanchini Huber, 2000

Archiaphyosemion guineense
Archaphyosemion guineense

Radda, 1977

Callopanchax occidentalis

Myers, 1933

Nimbapanchax leucopterygius

Sonnenberg/Busch, 2009

Genera in Tribe Callopanchini Notes on taxonomy - these fish have suffered some of the most disateros taxonomic changes in the history of killifish taxonomy up until the Adamas/Adamans mess. From Parenti 1981:

REMARKS: Fundulopanchax contains species previously assigned to Aphyosemion that are more closely related to Nothobranchius than to the more primitive species of Aphyosemion. This usage of the genus Fundulopanchax differs from that of Loiselle and Glasgow (1971) who limited the group to large forms such as sjoestedti. The designation of a type species for the genus Callopanchax as A. occidentale by the International Commission places the genus Roloffia as an objective synonym of Callopanchax.

This decision has been rejected by many aquarists who believe that Myers (1924b) had either sjoestedti or another species in hand when he named the subgenus Callopanchax, with sjoestedti as the type, even though giving a description of occidentale. It is interesting to note that the sole lot catalogued as sjoestedti in the collection of the AMNH is an aquarium lot of occidentale.

Therefore, it is likely that Myers had specimens of occidentale not sjoestedti in hand when naming Callopanchax.

Callopanchax Myers, 1933c, p. 184 (type species Aphyosemion occidentale Roloff, by monotypy [proposed as a subgenus]).
Roloffia Clausen, 1966, p. 388 (type species Aphyosemion occidentale Roloff, by original designation).

Raddaella Huber, 1977, p. 8 (type species Fundulus batesi Boulenger, by original designation [proposed as a subgenus]).
Aquarium material: AMNH 21575 (4+/4); F. gardneri: Ghana: SU 64693 (l*/7); F. gulare: Aquarium material: AMNH 20563 (3+/13); F. arnoldi: Nigeria: Port Harcourt: AMNH 21570 (1+/1). F. occidentale: Aquarium material: AMNH 14611 (2*/6).